Why is it that when we get so tantalizingly close to the holidays that are all about caring for thy neighbor and spreading love and cheer… people tend to go absolutely berserk?

I mean, I thought the season was a culmination of all goodwill toward man and things like that.  But it appears the memo may have been all but forgotten in this lovely blue state.  The scourge known as Connecticut Man is alive and well.

CT Post reports that today’s Connecticut Man comes in the form of 31-year-old Nelson Sanchez.

The Bridgeport native is accused of swindling over $15,000 from his former employer, the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Orange, where he worked as a manager.

I mean, go big or go home, right?  The issue being that, if you go big, you need to have an escape plan so that you don’t get caught or, in this man’s case, fess up to police a few days later.

Yeah, Sanchez turned himself in after a friend saw an arrest warrant for him on the Orange Police’s Facebook page.

I mean, good for the guy to come clean in the end.  It’s not often you hear stories about thieves who made off with ridiculous amounts of cash, only to turn themselves in days later.  My only assumption is that the holiday spirit got to him eventually.

Still, it looks like Sanchez won’t be spending Thanksgiving with his family.  I mean, he technically traded turkey for fried chicken and money, which is a party fowl all in itself.  Also, he’s currently held on $2,500 bond and has been charged with third-degree larceny.  So, godspeed Mr. Sanchez, the Connecticut Man.  You’re our star of the day!


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