Some people really love their liquor.  Some people will bite and slap people for their sweet precious liquor.

Ergo, Connecticut Man. The shining pinnacle of greatness.  This phenomenon has quickly become one of CT Boom’s favorite topics as we attempt to explore the comical inner workings of his wretched mind.

Although he is no Florida Man, he does just fine to pacify our growing demand for odd stories about unethical antics.

CT Post reports that, this time, Connecticut Man took the form of Jason Gill.  Now Mr. Gill ran into a frenzy when a sweet old lady refused to chauffeur him to the liquor store.  Now, this is Connecticut Man we’re talking about and Connecticut Man does not know the ways of rational thinking.

Instead of taking a brisk walk to the store, hailing a cab or Uber, or opting for a refreshing glass of milk… Mr. Gill decided the best course of action was to slap and bite the woman’s hand.

Literally… biting the hand that fed him.  Yeah, that sure showed her.

Gill was arrested on disorderly conduct and third-degree assault.  He has since been released on $1,000 bond.

Now it’s uncertain what their relationship was, but I can only assume that elderly woman was his mother because only a mother’s love could overcome the overwhelming shame of having such a pitiful excuse for a son.  I don’t think roommate or spousal love can withstand housing such an ignoramus.  Or bailing their pathetic self out of jail.

Biting and slapping is wrong no matter the excuse.  The fact that this transpired over not ascertaining transportation to a liquor store is deeply troubling.  And sad.

So, good job Jason Gill.  You are our Connecticut Man hero for the day.


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