Here at CT Boom, we’re not used to being happy about “Connecticut Man” headlines. Usually, that combination of words is reserved for our dumbest criminals, our stupidest scammers, and our state’s best attempts at matching the now-infamous Florida Man.

But today is a different day. Today, we are finally proud of a Connecticut Man.

The man who broke the mold is named John O’Rourke. He’s 62 years old and lives in Milford. And on Super Bowl Sunday, he took his dog for a walk and ended up jumping into the frigid waters of Mondo Pond to save a 10-year-old boy who’d fallen through the ice.

According to CBS New York, the story is pretty harrowing. O’Rourke slid out onto the ice with a stick, hoping the boy could grab it and be pulled to safety. But before they could execute that plan, O’Rourke broke through the ice. Casting aside any concern for his own safety, he got to the boy and tossed him out, shouting instructions on how to safely navigate to shore.

Thankfully, police arrived shortly thereafter and rescued O’Rourke. But they won’t take any credit for heroism – they give it all to O’Rourke.

And frankly, that’s the right thing to do, because I doubt many of us would have done what he did in that situation. We know too much about the dangers of thin ice. We know too much about the dangers of being wet in cold temperatures. And we know that the police are trained to save people in those situations. I bet a fair number of us would not only be scared for ourselves, but scared we’d somehow make things worse for the boy.

O’Rourke wasn’t scared. His confidence under pressure probably saved that kid’s life. And while there are plenty of other headlines about MVP’s and GOAT’s after Super Bowl Sunday, the one guy who might have actually earned it that day is the Connecticut Man from Milford, Connecticut who left his house to walk the dog and came home a hero.

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