It was just this morning that we got the latest edition to the Pantheon of Connecticut Man, a monument to our state’s finest stupid criminals.

This afternoon, we look to the future of that exclusive club. According to an NBC Connecticut report, a student (whose gender was not indicated, but the Pantheon of Connecticut Man does not discriminate, so long as the crime is stupid) brought a paper gun to school.

Want to know what happened next?

Oh, come on. You already know what happened next. The Hartford school had to be locked down and police had to get involved. Eventually, the lockdown was lifted and police told NBC Connecticut that everyone was safe.

But at the end of the day, this is less a story about a relatively minor crime, this is a story about the judgement this student exercised. Who in their right mind thinks that bringing a paper gun to a school is a good idea? No one, that’s who. The only person who might consider it is Connecticut Man in all his glory.

I don’t know if this kid will learn his or her lesson and exercise some more care going forward. But I do know that if he or she doesn’t, we’ll be hearing about them again very soon, and most likely in another story filed under Connecticut Man.

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