We’ve written plenty of Connecticut Man stories here on CT Boom. Maybe too many Connecticut Man stories. But this one might be a first.

No, this story is unlike the Connecticut Man who emphasized quantity over quality. It’s unlike the Connecticut Man who utilized Uber as his driver for drug deals. And it’s unlike the Connecticut Man who couldn’t choose between a pet gator and his weed and kept both.

This is a Connecticut Man who goes about his business just like the other Connecticut Men did, but he does it in a personable and friendly manner. Just look at that smile:

According to a report from the News-Times, this Connecticut Man walked into a Danbury bank, passed the teller a note saying he had a gun, then fled on foot with a bunch of cash. And he did it all with the biggest grin we’ve ever seen.

And I get it. You’re walking into a place and leaving with hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in a matter of minutes for doing absolutely no work. That kind of deal would leave anyone feeling great and smiling ear to ear. But you can tell by this guy’s smile that he didn’t think this plan all the way through.

What he didn’t realize was that within 12 hours he’d be turning himself into police because they’d already identified him and released his photo and information to the public.

If he had realized that, he probably wouldn’t be smiling so much. He’d probably be super worried about the charges he’d soon be facing and the fact that he didn’t get to keep any of that money he thought he’d made off with.

No, that smile tells us that while this Connecticut Man might have the best attitude we’ve ever seen, he might also be the worst criminal we’ve ever seen. Good luck staying that happy in prison.

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