Just when we thought we heard the last of Deflategate, this had to happen.  Can’t we all be a little more like Queen Elsa and Let It Go?


Some fans are SO outraged; they actually had the gall to sue the NFL!  And one of those loyal soldiers waving the Tom Brady banner is Todd Orsatti, a resident from good ol’ Connecticut.

Orsatti is a season ticket holder and says the scandal disillusioned his 7-year-old daughter, who now believes the NFL is fixed and refuses to go to any games.

How Un-American!

These 7 angry Pats fans say the NFL stepped way over line to revoke the pick in this month’s draft and penalize Mr. Brady with a 4 game suspension because there was no definitive proof that the balls were, indeed, deflated.

Let’s not delve into a vein bulging finger wagging debate over the condition of Brady’s balls.  We know.  WE KNOW!

The suit names NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Pats owner Robert Kraft as defendants.  Putting Goodell’s name in there is obvious, but Kraft’s?  Come on!  He’s one of the good guys!

His crime?  Not fighting hard enough.  Yeah.  Apparently these guys wanted Kraft to snatch someone’s toupee and have a full blown Trump-esque meltdown.

The fans are accusing the NFL of common law fraud, negligence, intentional inflection of emotional distress, and racketeering.

Long story short, the fans want their draft picks restored.

Does this suit have a snowball’s chance in hell of going anywhere?  Heck no, law experts say this suit is a Hail Mary because they’re fans!  They have a choice on whether or not to buy tickets so they have no standing.

So, grab the popcorn.  This is gonna get good.

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