Oh, Connecticut man, how we love thee and your buffoonery.  This particular man, however, took his shenanigans to the next level… by having a total meltdown at Walmart.

Look, Walmart is a wonderful place.  If you need something, Walmart has it for super cheap.  But, you still run into some unsavory people that makes you doubt if humanity is the dominant species.

The Hour reports that this Connecticut Man made humanity walk two steps backwards.   Maybe even fourteen.   Nah, I’d say about 20.  Either way, police will probably not forget this incident anytime soon.

So, here’s what happened.  19-year-old Ahsaad Ferguson wanted to buy a a video game system.  More importantly, he wanted a PS4, which costs about $300.

Even though Nintendo just came out with the Switch and XBox is out with the One S, this guy wanted the PS4.  But, whatever.  Maybe he really wanted to play the new Life Is Strange prequel.

However, when it came to finally buying his new console, it triggered an epic meltdown.

Ferguson hoped to buy the console using a myriad of gift cards he saved.  Honestly, it seems like a perfectly reasonable way to make a large purchase.

Unfortunately, Walmart says customers can only use one gift card per purchase.  So, naturally, Ferguson became enraged.   So angry, in fact, he started fighting employees.

When asked to leave, the police report says he backhanded one of the minimum wage workers.   Police responded, took Ferguson down, and carried him out of the store.

However, there’s more to the story.  This Connecticut Man pulled a similar stunt in the same store several months ago.  Meaning… Walmart already banned him.

Fingers crossed this guy eventually scores his PS4.  I heard that we might see the PS5 drop sometime within the next two years.

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