People do crazy things for their celebrity crushes.  But this Connecticut man takes the cake… and then some.  This guy actually robbed a bank to impress Taylor Swift!

CT Post reports that the bizarre incident happened in Ansonia.  26-year-old Bruce Rowley robbed the Webster Bank and, apparently, had big plans on what to do with the cash.  Such as curry the favor of his celebrity crush.

Unfortunately, Taylor Swift has pretty high standards.   So, I doubt she’d want to date a potential felon.  I mean, just imagine what it’d do to her image!

So, here’s what went down.

Rowley burst into the Webster Bank on Division Street and demanded cash.  Witnesses say he didn’t display a weapon, but tellers obeyed his order.  Luckily for police, cameras caught everything as it happened.

Next. tellers left a dye pack in the cash they forked over to Rowley and while he fled to his car, it exploded.  Just imagine being covered in red dye.  Safe to say his robbery clothes were irreversibly ruined.

At least it didn’t burst in his car because that’d be pretty terrible.

Anyways, Rowley left in his jeep for Rhode Island, straight for Taylor Swift’s Block Island Sound house.   He jumped out of the car, threw some cash over the fence, and decided that would impress his darling.

Yeah.  A multi-million dollar singer would totally fall for a handful of stolen change.

Then again, this is Rowley World we’re talking about.  Who knows what kind of rules and rides that go on between his ears, right?

Using surveillance footage, police identified our brave Connecticut man and obtained a warrant for his arrest.  They also found out his license and his address.  However, since police didn’t find his car at his home, they called for a nationwide search.

Ansonia Lt. Patrick Lynch said police eventually tracked down his car, but Rowley had other plans:

“Rowley refused to stop and engaged the Rhode Island State Police in a pursuit that eventually entered Connecticut. Troopers from the Connecticut State Police Troop E in Montville joined in the pursuit.”

Eventually, police deployed their spike strips to bring our bank robber to a screeching halt.   After one heck of a legendary crime spree, Rowley’s adventure ended in Mystic.

Also, before they stuffed this guy into the back of a cruiser, a K-9 unit managed to sneak in a quick bite on his arm.  Nice.  Good dog.

Police, probably flabbergasted over why Rowely even went ahead on robbing a bank, made sure to put every detail into the report:

“Rowley repeatedly told cops he had a crush on Taylor and that he planned on donating some of the money he stole from the bank to Ansonia PD … believing that would impress her.”

Maybe he thought Taylor Swift would bail him out after becoming overcome by gratitude for all the stolen cash?  Yes.  Yes he did.

Well, she didn’t.  This guy’s still behind bars and will remain there for a pretty long time.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is probably enjoying an afternoon with her non-criminal boyfriend and, maybe, thinking about how she could turn this wacky incident into a song.  Maybe.  Not.

Anyways, what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen a person do for their celebrity crush?


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