The hunt is on!  In one of the most bizarre shoplifting cases I’ve heard of, a man is wanted for stealing $900 worth in jeans from the Crystal Mall.

How?  HOW?

Not much information is given on the man, or even how he managed to walk away hiding that many pairs of pants on him.  I mean, how expensive were these pants?  Were they on sale or were they really nice expensive jeans, like Tommy Hilfiger or Prana?  Come on, this is pertinent information.  I wanna know how many jeans this guy managed to haul out of the store without getting caught!

By the way, the store he hit up?  Sears.

The only means to identify the thief is a very flattering image of him taken by security footage.

jean stealer 2

So, if you recognize this pant-snatcher, the police would really like you to give them a call.  You can contact Officer Fredricks at or at 860-442-9451.

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