Connecticut almost missed its newest hero.  By missed, I mean, between watching the news about the election and the history-making World Series, chances are that many people weren’t paying attention to America’s favorite game show earlier last week.

But they should have! Because they missed one of the most badass Jeopardy contestants of all time.

Higganum-native and 2003 graduate of HK High School Vivek Ravishanker collected a whopping $43,200 during his several-day stint on the show.  He unseated champion Thea Lawton and continued answering near-impossible questions during his three-day streak.

If that wasn’t mind-blowing enough, according to The Middletown Press, Vivek answered 57 questions correctly, including 3 daily doubles. On top of that, he was a total risk-taker, waging everything he had several times.

It takes a lot to look at all the hard-earned money you won and go “eh, let’s just wager it all!”  But it paid off big time. So, congrats to Vivek!

As what he plans to do with the money, he told the Middletown Press he plans to take his dad out to a nice big dinner.  He also plans to head to the Super Bowl should the Pats make it to the game.

A bit of good news as we head to the polls.  Lord knows, we need it!

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