When it comes to getting in trouble, Connecticut Man never fails to get creative. He doesn’t like to settle for a simple breaking and entering charge or a straightforward disturbing the peace. He likes to add a little wrinkle to keep things interesting.

Such was the case with our latest Connecticut Man, Bridgeport resident Orlando Rodriguez, when he needed to make a drug delivery of 17 ounces of cocaine and decided the best way to get to the meet up was to take an Uber.

It was in that Uber that police busted Rodriguez, found 500 grams of cocaine, and¬†charged him with “possession of narcotics and possession of over an ounce of narcotics with intent to sell,” according to The Stamford Advocate.

Unfortunately, the article didn’t seem to have any insight into the Uber driver’s reaction, which is frankly the only important thing about this story. If you’re just a random dude driving your car around on a Saturday night to make some beer money, and a high-level drug bust goes down in your back seat, I imagine you’re going to have a thing or two to say about it.

We’ll all be eagerly awaiting the quotation that guy gives when some Connecticut news outlet manages to track him down. Seriously, at least one of them should get on it. “Connecticut Uber Driver Speaks Out on Backseat Drug Bust.” Just imagine the page views!

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