A couple of years ago, Connecticut showed our massive singing talent when Nick Fradiani won American Idol.  Now, we might have a The Voice winner on our hands, too!  But, he needs your help!

Ridgefield Press reports that Drew Cole, with his long curly hair and fedora, needs real-time votes to stay alive on the “Live Playoffs” that air on Monday.

Drew, who’s last name is really Arcoleo, is from Ridgefield, CT.  He graduated from Ridgefield High School in 2010 and became inspired by music through their annual battle of the bands.

Then again, he took the trophy home 3 times!  I would be pretty inspired by music, too, if I won that many trophies.  His band, Insinu, played mostly grunge music and, surprisingly, had a different lead vocalist!

Drew says his singing career really developed in the state, too.  So, no fancy flights to Nashville or meeting with talent agents in LA to hone his skill.  This guy’s the real deal.

So much so, in fact, he can’t wait to come back to CT once the show’s over!

“I love living in LA but I still miss a lot of things about being back home, like the pizza. They just don’t know how to make it out here.”

Fact.  We do have the best pizza on the planet.

Also, fun fact, remember that viral video of a golden retriever frowning whenever his owner stopped playing guitar?  Yes… that’s Drew’s video.


Anyways, I know not everyone watches The Voice so I’ll give y’all a little Sparknotes version on Drew Cole.

He became an instant favorite with the judges during the blind competition, when he performed Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy.”  Actually, Adam Levine immediately hit that “I Want You” button as soon as he heard those opening notes!

Then Blake turned around and, welp… they fought over who would coach Drew!  Ouch, those zingers…

He then advanced to the The Voice battle rounds where he squared off against Miya Bass while singing “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

And, honestly, he fought tooth and nail because Miya was the one favored to take it home!  But, he won by working on the harmonies with Miya, turning their performance into something Grammy worthy, and then shocked everyone when he began belting!

Then he advanced to the Knockout rounds and had to sing Niall Horan’s “Slow Hands” to stay alive.  And, boy, this guy cranked up the heat.  Somehow, he sang it sexier than Niall himself!

Even the judges agreed that he made the song sound like it was his all along!

The Live Playoffs rely entirely on audience interaction for the results.  Monday’s show is a 2-hour long special. relies on social media and text to send singers into the next round.  Two subsequent 1-hour shows will air tomorrow and Wednesday.

All start exactly at 8pm on NBC.

Even though Drew will sing before The Voice judges, they won’t be able to save him if he doesn’t earn enough votes.  So it’s make or break time, guys.  It’s up to us to get him through the other round.

Drew’s mom, Caroline, already made her plea to the state.  She says if CT fully backs Cole, he’ll definitely make it to the finals.

So, come 8pm Monday, when Drew starts singing, start using “#LivePlayoffsDrew” on Twitter.  But, if that social media app isn’t your thing, here’s another way to help your fellow nutmegger out.

Download the Voice Official App on iTunes HERE and vote through there, as well.  But, you only have 10 votes to spend.

Drew explains how you can help him survive another week, use your 10 votes as soon as he starts singing:

“That’s what makes the vote count! Very important. And it has to be tweeted in the voting window.”

Also here’s an official infographic from NBC if anything you read sounds confusing.  Let’s make CT home to the next winner of The Voice!


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