Every spring, the snow melts away, the sun comes out, and people are eager to get the warm weather lifestyle started. Hiking, laying out in the sun, and, of course, swimming.

Well, while we all enjoy the warm weather this weekend, it’s important to remember that it’s still only April and, according to Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the water is not safe for swimming.

A report from WTNH cites DEEP officials as saying that the water isn’t safe for swimming until it reaches temperatures above 68 degrees, which typically doesn’t happen until June. And, until the water temperatures rise, humans should do their best to stay out of the water despite the misleadingly warm air temperature.

This is a lesson I have already taken to heart for years, only I learned it the hard way. Overly excited about the sunshine and just dying to take my first dip in a local swimming hole, I have stupidly jumped into frigid waters on more than one occasion. Oh, to be young and care free, am I right?

But now, at the hardened old age of 25, I’ve found that a quick dip in a swimming hole isn’t worth spending the next two hours chattering my teeth. I can wait until June, and so should you. None of us wants to read about someone getting sick or, worse yet, drowning because they couldn’t wait another few weeks for the water to get warm. So exercise some restraint and enjoy all the wonderful land-based warm-weather activities we have here.

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