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As a parent, one of our biggest fears is that our child will get picked on at school.  We get them dressed, feed them, give them a hug- and then we pray the world will treat them right.  The pain that a child feels when they are bullied is terrible, but for the parent, it’s even more intense.  It’s our parental instincts to protect our babies, and for MaryAnn Parisi from West Haven, her instincts reacted.

Her Facebook post has gone viral with over 5300 shares to date.  Her story to her son’s bully is an eye-opener for many.  Although it’s directed to the children that torment her son, it’s a reminder to all parents to teach our own children about being fair and kind to all the children.  Remember, we never know what struggles are going on behind closed doors.

Congrats MaryAnn, but I can bet that you didn’t write that post for congratulations, you wrote it in a desperate attempt to teach others about compassion- and that you have done.

This might be long winded. I apologize for that. We all have children in our lives in some way or another, I challenge…

Posted by MaryAnn Parisi on Monday, January 11, 2016


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