If you still have yet to poke your head outside, know that it’s pretty warm out.  Actually, it’s downright balmy.  But due to all the snow on the ground, it leaves us in a bit of a predicament.  We could see some significant flooding tonight.

WFSB reports the entire state remains under a flood watch until tomorrow.  Because of all the rain and melting  snow, motorists living around flood-prone areas should park on higher ground tonight.

As of right now, about 1 to 3 inches of rain or so will come down today.  Add that to the feet of melting snow and ice… Better wear your rain boots today.

The big concern is over ice jams and how they’ll affect drainage.  People with basements prone to flooding are also encouraged to prepare for the worst.   Because the rain will come in waves and not all at once, that drives up the flood concern.

Move your valuables off the ground and prop your appliances like washing machines on crates.  Then again, most people who deal with basement flooding have a system in place.

So, the main concern is with the cars.  If you live in low areas near the waterfront, move your vehicles to higher ground tonight to avoid potential damage.

On top of that, an arctic blast may hit the state tonight, as well.  That might cause some serious ice-ups and tricky rides tomorrow morning.

So, on top of watching for flooding, watch out for ice the following day.

Mother Nature, you’re drunk.  Go home.

Has this been the weirdest winter or what?

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