As someone who’s lived in this state for 22 years and driven for 8 of them, I was not shocked at ALL when a recent list came out ranking the states that are the worst for drivers.

California makes sense taking the top spots, namely San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco to name a few as some of the major cities with congestion.  Hawaii checked in at number two in the country, with 6 lanes of traffic across their major highways (H-1, H-2, H-3) seemingly at all times.

Coming in at number three, our little, very congested and VERY cramped state of Connecticut! Ah, where to begin. The over-usage of the Merritt parkway to avoid Interstate 95, which has, DAILY, two hours of traffic from New Haven down to the state line in the morning, and going the other way in the afternoon. How about the free for all that is 84 in either directions?

This is a list that unfortunately, makes all too much sense to us in the Nutmeg State.


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