Despite the fact that the people at (a famous cheating website) named Westport one of the most unfaithful towns in America, Connecticut does NOT rank very highly in divorces nationwide.  Although people still say that 50% of marriages end in divorce, that seems to no longer be true as it once was in the 1970’s/80’s.  According to new research, we’ve steadily improved that number and are coming close to have 70% of marriages not ending in divorce.  That’s good news.

What’s even better news is that Connecticut ranked #17 in the country for lowest divorce rates.  Not terrible for a state that may have some pretty nasty divorces due to the amount of money our residents make in the wealthy areas.


Percent of divorced residents: 10.6
Population: 3,583,561


So what are the top three states to be married that will most likely not end in divorce?

#3:  North Dakota

#2:  New York (!!!)

#1: New Jersey (!!!)

I’ve come to the conclusion these results prove that where you live has nothing to do with whether you’re getting a divorce… Whether you’re farming in North Dakota or trading on Wall Street.

Source: FoxCT


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