Start saving your water!  Due to the huge dry spell we’ve been enjoying this summer, our water resources might start to get scarce.

It’s no drought warning, but the potential is starting for one.  Rainfall is down as much as 6 inches the past couple of months, and that number could grow in the coming weeks.   It’s encouraged that residents begin taking note on how much water they use.

Connecticut’s Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Raul Pino spoke to NBC Connecticut, “We are not in a drought. […] I want to emphasize that water levels in Connecticut’s larger reservoirs and water systems are perfectly fine at this point. There are currently no reports of any Community Public Water Systems triggering their emergency contingency plans due to below normal reservoir capacities.”

Pino also recommended that residents be sure to heed any recommendations made by their water utility.

So, grab your rain stick, shake it, and do a little dance if you wanna keep taking 30 minute showers or bubble baths for the rest of the season.

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