Anyone missing a motorboat?  I ask because local police found one abandoned in the woods.  And they have no idea what to do with it.

CT Post reports that someone ditched this pricey vessel in Housatonic State Forest in Cornwall.  Yes, it even came with the trailer.  So, how do they definitely know someone definitely abandoned this boat?

Because Cream Hill Lake, where they found the motorboat, only allows canoes, kayaks, and sailboats.   Also, the registration on the boat didn’t match anyone.  Crazy, right?

That’s why State Environmental Conservation Police turned to Facebook to solve this peculiar mystery.   However, the comments range from not helpful to downright sarcasm.

One person, Louise Corrine Levy, claimed they found the boat and that someone completely trashed it.  They also revealed the boat’s called “the Sundown” before recommending a viking funeral.

However, one person did offer to salvage the boat and do a fix and flip.

One man’s trash… you know the drill.  Someone saw dollar signs and more power to them if they can actually make a profit off of it.

Still, who abandons a MOTORBOAT?  Sure, they do cost a lot to fix if it poops the bed… but people do buy defunct boats for spare parts.

Why risk having the police track you down and smack you with a littering fee?   Plus, why not sell it for a couple hundred bucks.

That’s why some people in the comments suggestion think it’s an insurance scam.  Report the boat stolen and, boom, instant payout.

But, as I said before, why risk it?  You know that entire risk vs reward theory… well this just illustrates how stupid some people can be.  Or arrogant.  Let’s go with that.

So, with the registration being a dead end and no other clues, police have no idea what to do with this boat. But they want answers.

If you have information, give the EnCon officers a buzz at 860-424-3333. They say all tips are confidential, too.  Just make sure to reference Case 18-1878 when dishing on the goods.

So, why do you think someone abandoned this motorboat?   Is it really that hard to find a buyer for a junk boat?

No wonder why our police are so confused about this.  I am, too!  Someone please solve this mystery!

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