In a study conducted by Accuradio, some states have significantly more Christmas Spirit than others.  This is based on the time spent listening to holiday music.  That’s right, this studio of over million listeners across the country calculated which states streamed the most Jingle Bells.  So where does Connecticut stand?  We are at number 46 in the country for holiday cheer… at the bottom of the list.

In our defense, if Washington DC wants to stream the Chipmunks singing “Santa Don’t Be Late”- and that qualifies them as more cheery than us, then they can keep the award.  I’m certainly not a grinch and do enjoy a Christmas song here and there.  Madonna singing “Santa Baby” will always make me smile and Taylor Swift singing “Last Christmas” is pretty awesome too- BUT if Pennsylvania doesn’t turn the station when that terrible song that’s soley made up of dogs barking comes on, then sure, we can lose.  Here’s a full break down. (Image supplied and information supplied by Accuradio)


Oh, and one more thing- Snoop Dogg’s “New Years Eve” on the most hated list? Disagree.  Who doesn’t want more of this gem?



Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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