You can probably put this at the top of 2016’s “Things That Don’t Surprise Me, Even a Little Bit” list, but we figured it’s worth noting that Connecticut ranks well in the bottom half of the United States in yet another category.

That’s according to our old pals at barely-legitimate news site, which ranked Connecticut as the 40th best run state in the country. They did that because, according to their findings, our state has the 2nd highest debt per capita ($9,254), the 19th highest 2015 unemployment rate (5.6%), is struggling to meeting its pension obligations, and is losing people to “outbound migration” at an alarming rate.

Frankly, none of us are allowed to be surprised by this. If you live in Connecticut, you’ve known for a while that this state is circling the drain. The good news is that we can do something about it. Vote in your local elections when they come around, be active in contacting your local representatives and letting them know what you want done, and work in your communities to help make things better.

I’m not saying it’s easy, and I’m not saying our elected officials don’t bear a large part of the responsibility for this mess, but we’re not helpless. Connecticut may be a disaster, but that just means we all have to do our parts to help clean it up.

(via FOX 61)

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