Guys, we have a problem.  We’re making it even easier for people to steal our cars.

I know, it’s heartbreaking to think that the world we live in is not the same one from 30 years ago.  Long gone are the days of unlocked doors and open windows at night.  We all figure it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So… why the heck do we not apply this mentality to our cars?  More importantly, why are people leaving their cars unlocked with the key still inside?  What has gone so right in your life that has made you this trusting of the world we live in?

Anyways, Connecticut Police are telling residents not to test their luck by leaving fobs in their unlocked cars.

Hartford Deputy Chief Brian Foley told Fox 61 that there’s been a huge spike cars that were stolen because the fobs were still inside.  He predicts that his department will recover over 420 of these stolen cars by years’ end.

Foley says thieves are aware about people leaving their fobs behind in their cars and that they are taking advantage of that reckless convenience.

Foley described how the crooks get away with it, too.  He said, “Suspects walk the streets and driveways / neighborhoods and pull on car door handles. […] In the newer model vehicles, if the fob is left in the vehicle, it will be unlocked. Once in the car, they will simply press the ignition button.  If a key fob is within the vehicle, (or sometimes within several feet proximity, such as in a neighboring parked vehicle), the vehicle will start and the suspects will drive off with the car. The key fob does not always need to remain in the car for the vehicle to remain on.”

That said, if you see a suspicious person on your street that has taken interest in door handles, call the police.

Anyways, it’s probably best to put that fob on your key ring. It’ll definitely be less for you to worry about.  There are too many people banking on you to carelessly leave in the glove box so they can take your precious vehicle for a little joyride.


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