It’s 2016. A time in history where recreational marijuana tourism in the United States is a thing.

And not just any old thing – it’s a growing thing. Just ask the people in Washington or Colorado. Recreational pot is big business in the states where it’s legal, and now it may be even easier for weed enthusiasts in Connecticut to contribute to another state’s financial well-being.

According to the Hartford Business Journal, United Airlines will join Southwest in offering a direct flight from Hartford’s Bradley International Airport to Denver.

The 128-seat flight will leave a little after 8 in the morning and arrive just before 10:30 local time every day, the report added. Thankfully, the Connecticut Airport Authority said it didn’t cost them anything to get United to add the flight.

The state as a whole, on the other hand, could pay pretty handily. As Colorado and Seattle continue to demonstrate that legalized recreational marijuana is no more harmful to a state and legalized alcohol and tobacco products, it should behoove other states to make a similar move, if for no other reason than the tax dollars they can collect.

Until Connecticut makes such a move, our government can rest easy knowing that increased access to a state that knows what it’s doing will allow Connecticut’s residents to help a different state slowly but surely climb to $100 million in annual tax revenue from marijuana.

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