Well, they practice Santeria but as for the crystal ball, that’s a no go.  But, this priestess does have dead chickens.  And the stolen cremated remains of 18 people along with a mindless minion, too.

CT Post came out with their strangest headline yet.  So, get this.  A priestess possessed a man and made him break into a Stratford cemetery and steal cremated remains out of a Columbarium.  Well, that’s according to Aneudy Davila.

Unfortunately, he can’t claim the title of “Connecticut Man” since he’s from the Bronx.  So, after a year, CT Boom finally has its new “Connecticut Woman.”  AKA priestess Janette Mateo of Milford!

Anyways, this entire debacle is a wild ride from start to finish.

So, the incident happened all the way back in June of last year.  Police responded to the report of a break in at Temple Court cemetery and found a burned circle around a sealed granite vault.  They found the Columbarium absolutely ransacked and estimated about 18 urns containing human remains missing.

And that case remained unsolved until last September after police finally received a break and found Davila.  Originally, he remained silent on what happened.  But, as you know how interrogations go, he eventually spilled the beans.

Actually, he said bits and pieces of his memory started to return of that fateful night.

He claims that Mateo practiced Santeria on him, which left him possessed.  If you need to know what Santeria is, besides the Sublime song, it’s a African/Caribbean religion involving animal sacrifices.

Anyways, Davila claims the priestess led him to the cemetery and ordered him to steal the urns.

After implicating Mateo, police ransacked her home and didn’t find any urns.  But they sure found a lot of dead chickens along with some candles and statues.

Strangely enough, Mateo admitted to practicing Santeria on Davila, but denied that she made him steal the urns.   But, a witness did come forward about seeing the two of them carrying a bag filled with metal containers with little flags on them.  Which, if you think about it, is an oddly specific detail.

Unfortunately, that’s where the trail ends because no one knows where the urns are and if they’ll ever be found.

But, police did find a priestess, dead chickens, cigars, and a bewildered Bronx man.  So, I’ll chalk that up as a win.

Anyways, do you think police will ever recover those urns or are they gone with the wind?  What do you think that priestess needed those ashes for, anyway?  A neat facial scrub?  Yuck…

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