Tell us something we don’t know.

A new survey confirms what most of us have been saying for years: Connecticut is one of the worst places for first-time home buyers.

The not-so-shocking news comes from WalletHub, who ranked 300 of the country’s best and worst cities for those highly sought after new buyers.   I mean, young couples are the lifeblood of any state.

The survey looked at data pertaining to affordability, real estate market, and quality of life.

Sadly, Connecticut can’t even brag about appearing in the top 100, but instead lay defeated on the opposite side of the chart.

Best three cities?  Overland Park, KS, Allen, TX, and Centennial, CO.
Worst three cities? Compton, CA, Richmond, CA, and Miami Beach, FL

So, we aren’t the worst of the worst. Hooray? In all, that’s sorta good news if you think about it.  We aren’t the best place for first time buyers, but at least we aren’t the WORST.

Here’s how Connecticut fared on the list:

Waterbury – 188
Stamford – 199
Bridgeport – 256
Hartford – 272
New Haven – 283

Looking at tradition, it’s very possible Connecticut will appear even lower on the list next year.  Fingers crossed I’m wrong, though.

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