With Memorial Day around the corner, maybe you’re looking for something to do with the kids. Well, look no further. I know exactly what you need to do this weekend. It’s one of the world’s largest attractions and it’s based right here in CT.

First off, can I please mention that I think our state must be compensating for something? Because I think it is.

First off, we’re home to the world’s largest indoor ropes course. We’re also the birthplace of the world’s largest dairy store. And if you want another extreme example, we also have a record-smashing jack-in-the-box right in Middletown.

I could go on.

So, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Connecticut upped the ante yet again.

This time, it’s something perfect for the kids, their friends, and you. OnlyInYourState profiled this new attraction called Naskart, and you can find it in Oakdale.

And this track gives me some serious Mario Kart vibes. I mean, LOOK AT IT! It’s the world’s largest indoor racing track.

Isn’t it beautiful? Because I think it’s absolutely GORGEOUS. And I can’t wait to park my butt on a go-kart and tear up the track this weekend.

Up to 16 people can race at a time and the carts can go up to 45mph. On top of that, the tracks are wide enough to let three vehicles race in tandem. So, yes, get crazy and creative with how you pass the competition.

Just don’t throw any banana peels.

Anyways, while you’re waiting for your turn, there’s also a bar and a cafe to help keep you occupied.

Plus, Naskart also offers an 8,000 square feet trampoline park. There’s also dodgeball. So your kids can work out their extra energy before or after their race.

Honestly, this place seems like an absolute win to any family looking for something fun and unique to do over the long weekend. Plus, since everything’s indoors – you don’t have to worry about inclement weather ruining your plans.

So, who’s joining me?

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