Is Connecticut Really Second Best at Keeping Resolutions in the Nation?

Is Connecticut Really Second Best at Keeping Resolutions in the Nation?
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Losing weight is the most common resolution in America, because if you haven’t heard, we’re fat., a real estate site, released a study ranking the areas with the best odds of losing weight and Fairfield County ranks #2 on the list. It also has the highest density of gyms in the entire U.S. weighed five different measures to determine which areas are best for weight loss:

  1. Eating healthier food. They divided “slow food” establishments (supermarkets, specialty food markets, and full-service restaurants) by “fast food” establishments (convenience stores and fast-food restaurants). Metros with more “slow food” and less “fast food” scored higher.
  2. Commuting to work. The percentage of residents who bike or walk to work on a daily basis, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  3. Hitting the gym. The number of gyms, health clubs and fitness centers per 1,000 households.
  4. Enjoying the outdoors. To get a measure of all of the outdoor sports opportunities in a metro, they used the number of sporting-goods stores per 1,000 households.
  5. Join a program. The number of weight-loss and diet centers (i.e. Weight Watchers) per 1,000 households in metro areas across the United States.


10) Seattle


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9) Peabody, Massachusetts

111926089 (1)

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8) Philadelphia


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7) Middlesex County, Massachusetts


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6) New York City


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5) Lake County, Illinois – Kenosha County, Wisconsin

Kayaking 3

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4) Boston


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3) Long Island


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2) Fairfield County


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1) San Francisco


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