As someone who suffers from debilitating migraines, I am so over the moon with this news!  Fellow migraine sufferers rejoice!  Soon we may finally have a cure!

WFSB reports that Stamford-based Dr. Peter McAllister of New England Institute of Neurology and Headache has great news for us.

He served as a principal investigator in a new clinical trial about migraines found two medications that might turn into a cure one day.   The drugs in question: fremanezumab and erenumab.  And they’re injections.

McAllister explained how the drugs work:

“These are engineered – what I would call, smart molecules. And it’s called a monoclonal antibody.”

He then pulled up a photo of the brain and indicated to a certain area, further explaining:

“By blocking this area here, we prevent the spreading of migraine signals, culminating in a bad headache.”

The area in question is by the temporal lobe.  That area does share a connection with auras associated with migraines.  These drugs work to shut down a chemical reaction that triggers a migraine.

However, each drug takes a different path in the brain to do their job.  But McAllister found the results extremely promising.

“We found that there was a drop in the number of headache days per month, but interestingly, there was a sub group of folks who got 75% better. 75% in reduction of headaches and another group that got 100% better. That’s as close as to a cure as we can get.”

100 percent you say?  I totally classify that as a cure in my book.  Heck, even 75 percent sounds like a dream come true.

Better yet, McAllister recorded that the study found no side effects.  The injections only target a certain area of the brain because of how they’re designed.  Basically, McAllister programed them to target a specific area of the brain and only that part.

So, no, they won’t travel to another area of the body and wreck havoc.  Meaning, treatment comes with guaranteed results at a very low risk.  Sounds like heaven to me.

One person who participated in the study said she went from having multiple migraines a week to “almost none.”  Considering The World Health Organization classifies migraines as disabling, it means someone got back her life.  Imagine living without fear of your head exploding and destroying the rest of your day.

Although I don’t suffer from numerous migraines, they do hit me hard and fast.  Almost like a baseball.  And they take me out like a linebacker.

They hit without warning, too.  The only symptoms I noticed are a compromised ability to quickly recall words and that noises magnify.  Like someone shutting a book suddenly has the same magnitude as someone clapping their hands.

But, if I’m busy at work and typing an article like this – I tend to miss these warning signs.

So once I feel something in the shape of a ram’s horn burning the left side of my brain, I know it’s too late.  It’s over and I’m toast.  I boarded the runaway train with a one way ticket to Painville.

Unfortunately, my medication, Sumatriptan, takes about 30 minutes to kick in.  That’s 30 minutes of waiting and wincing before feeling any sort of relief.

Considering injections take almost immediate effect changes the whole migraine game.   And, then they prevent future ones from springing up.  Best yet, McAllister intends on releasing these drugs this year.

Like I said, time to rejoice my fellow migraine sufferers.

Fingers crossed this new treatment work for you.  Because I certainly hope it works for me!


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