Forbes released its 2015 “Forbes 400” list, ranking the wealthiest people in the United States, and, wouldn’t you know it, there are a few Connecticut residents among the obscenely wealthy in this country.

Seven people who live in our state made the list with net worths in the multiple billions of dollars. The poorest Connecticut resident on the list is actually a tie between two guys, C. Dean Metropoulos and Stephen Mandel, Jr., who both claim $2.4 billion fortunes. They came in at 279 on the overall list.

The richest? Well, I’m pretty sure that if the poorest guy has $2.4 billion, there’s nothing drastically different when you’ve got more than that. But I know you want to know who it is, so meet Ray Dalio, who is worth $15.3 billion. He ranked 29th overall on the whole list.

In between you’ve got guys like Steve Cohen ($12 billion) at No. 37, Paul Tudor Jones II ($4.7 billion) at No. 114, and Peter Buck ($3.5 billion) at No. 171. And, yes, we got a woman on the list, which is something to truly be proud of. Karen Pritzker boasts a $4.3 billion worth and came in at No. 129 on the list. In a world where so much of the wealth is concentrated among white men, having Connecticut as home to one of the few female billionaires is pretty cool.

Now, what Forbes’ list doesn’t do is answer the question of what these people plan to do with their money. Really, they’re right past that edge of having too much money – more than they could ever figure out what to do with. So we’ve got a few suggestions:

  1. Sponsor a state-wide game of water balloon assassins. Everyone in Connecticut gets a name of another person in the state. Your goal is to track down your target and hit them with a water balloon. Do that and they have to give you their target’s name. Continue tracking down new targets until you’re the last one standing. All those water balloons are going to cost money, and I’m pretty sure one of these wealthy folks can pony up.
  2. Pay for Connecticut Pizza Day. Once a year, every year, until these people run out of money (AKA never), you can visit any pizzeria in Connecticut and eat for free. One of our local billionaires will pick up the tab. Pepe’s? Free. Sally’s? Free. Bar? Free. Your local pizza spot? Free. I can think of no better way to bring us all together than by consuming the thing we do better than everyone else in the country.
  3. Give it to the people. Look, at some point, everyone dies. And when these people do, they have too much money to give to just family and loved ones. So spread it around a little bit! We’re a state that is full of overtaxed, money-weary people. Make everyone’s lives a little easier by sharing your wealth when your time has come.

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