When it comes to celebrating our nation’s independence, many would argue that these two elements are very important:

  1.  The explosion of fireworks
  2. The significance of the bald eagle

Why would Connecticut residents be asked to choose between the two?  Well, a unique situation is underway in Columbia, Connecticut.  Columbia is a small town near Storrs and for the first time since 1992, bald eagles have returned to their town.  Bald Eagles are endangered so it was quite a happy surprise when a pair decided to call Columbia Lake their new home.  The problem is that an eaglet has appeared in the nest (Who knew baby eagles were called eaglets?!) and of course this is super exciting BUT biologists are warning residents that the loud noise of the fireworks could be enough to scare the baby out of the nest before it’s ready.  Uh oh.

There are no town sanctioned fireworks scheduled for Columbia but illegal fireworks are common.  Town officials are asking for the sake of the eagles, don’t do it.

The question remains, would you choose to honor the symbol of our country as we celebrate our nation’s independence?, or do you care about making stuff explode?


Source: ABC News


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