The Grinch. Scrooge. Bumble. There are many people trying to ruin the holiday season for the rest of us. But who would have thought that it would be squirrels would be the ultimate Christmas ruiner.

That is the case here in Connecticut this year.

As The Hour explains:

NORWALK — The squirrels at City Hall have taken the holidays to heart, chewing up several strands of light bulbs on the tree set up for the Holiday Tree Lighting this Wednesday evening.

Department of Recreation and Parks officials, while chuckling mildly at the pesky rodents, aren’t amused.

“This happened at Mathews Park last year and now they’re attacking the tree out front (City Hall), said Director of Recreation and Parks Michael A. Mocciae. “We just had to replace four (light bulb) strands because half the tree was out at City Hall.”

Mocciae held up a green, plastic light bulb — shaped and textured somewhat like a small acorn — with its copper wiring chewed through.

And how does he know that squirrels are the culprits?

“We’re blaming the squirrels because there’s no one else that could get up in the top of the tree,” Mocciae said. “And they’re not cut. They’re chewed, they’re gnawed.”

I like that the park officals find this all so amusing. These holiday hating rodents need to be stopped! Who do they think they are chewing everyone’s Christmas lights and ruining the holiday spirit in Connecticut. Where is Buddy The Elf when you need him?!

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