Excuse me while I pose like Darth Vader and scream.  Okay, it’s no secret that I LOVE winter.  If there’s snow on the ground, I will play on it.

However, I am ready to leave my beloved snow behind.  It’s because it finally feels like spring and I’m starting to enjoy all these pre-April showers.  Nothing like listening to the rain gently pattering against my window as I sip a nice cup of tea.

And also not pay an exorbitant heating bill.  That’s also key.  Because, let’s be real, this has been a real cold month.  WBZ says this is the 8th coldest March in history for Massachusetts.  So, it’s safe to assume that also goes for our state.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature isn’t ready to let it go just yet.  Actually, I think she just disregarded the spring memo in general because she’s giving us one heck of an April Fools prank.  Yep, another nor’easter is heading out way!

Saddle up and dust off those snow shovels, because we’re back to winter on Friday with some heavy accumulating snow in store for us this weekend.  Heavy, as in, the snow that is the least fun to shovel.  Or, as I call it, snowman snow.

WFSB reports that there’s a new storm system heading our way that has the potential for serious snowfall.  We could be waking up on Friday to a light dusting on the ground, which could intensify by the afternoon.

However, the meat of the storm is Friday night into Saturday morning, which could bring us another 3 inches of snowfall.   We’ll also deal with some pretty chilly winds along with off and on sleet.

Thankfully, this isn’t nearly as bad as that Nor’easter a couple of weeks ago.  Still, I don’t think any of us were hoping to see another flake on the ground until next December.

So, this is one heck of an April Fools joke!  Snow is giving one last hurrah before, hopefully, retiring for good.

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