After the tragedy of Parkland, Florida, students are not taking chances when it comes to their safety.  However, some students are now crying wolf because they think it’s funny.  Or cool.  Whatever it is, police say this trend needs to stop now.

Newtown Daily Voice reports that police have a message for those who waste their time on a prank call: knock it off.   Crying wolf, otherwise known as “swatting,” is illegal.  Meaning, individuals found guilty of reporting a fake threat may face criminal charges.

Simply put, swatting is a federal crime.

And, most likely, police will persecute those who waste their time to the fullest extent.   Crying wolf not only wastes times and valuable resources, it also disrupts everyone’s schedules:

“It is important to understand that even a threat made in jest or ‘swatting’ – placing an emergency call when no emergency exists – is a violation of the law and the person responsible can face multiple criminal charges to include felony charges of threatening. “

Yeah, that’ll look really nice on someone’s personal record.

So why is it a federal crime?  It all has to do with how authorities respond to school threats.

“Every threat received, even if ultimately determined to be false, is investigated thoroughly and often requires law enforcement, fire department, EMS and other emergency responder resources being tied up until that investigation is complete.”

A typical response to a school threat costs up to $10,000.  So, bear that number in mind if you want to prank the popo again because it’ll be you footing the bill.   And, most likely, you won’t be able to GoFundMe your way out of it.

I don’t think a lot of people have sympathy for swatters.

That said, students feel less safe in schools as they did a year ago.  They no longer roll their eyes whenever the school unexpectedly goes into a lock down.

Instead of “ugh, this is such a waste of time,” it’s more like, “Is this it?”  And, with that, it also jeopardizes students’ health and safety.

Students might hurt themselves while scrambling to safety.  Worried parents then flood the schools to make sure their kids are okay.  Even if the police responded to the school numerous times before on fake reports, even parents now wonder, “Is this it?”

This is our new reality.  It’s been our reality since Sandy Hook.   Actually, we could even go all the way back to Virginia Tech.

Simply put: when madmen want to inflict as much harm as possible, they want easy targets.  And, as sad as it is, schools became the “perfect place.”  The students are, for the most part, defenseless.

No one knows what inspires a person to actively want to kill as many people as possible.  It goes way beyond, “it’s mental illness.”

As with Virginia Tech, the shooter simply wanted attention.  Our media gave the shooter what he wanted in abundance, which later inspires the next shooter wanting the same treatment.

Because gunmen continue to target schools, police make sure they react appropriately to each and every emergency call.

So, even if police know that the caller is simply crying wolf, they will react. Even if the caller giggles throughout the conversation or hangs up, they will respond.

I don’t understand why kids think it’s funny.  I suppose students do this because it disrupts the school day and cancels classes until the investigation’s over.

So, if a student has a big test coming up, they might entertain the thought of crying wolf to get out of it.

That, or, they do it because their friends egged them on and they want to be cool.  Maybe they think it makes them look like a badass.

Or, they do it simply because they think they’re being funny.

Sure, it’s all fun and games while police respond to the prank, but they ultimately get the last laugh when they press charges.

Which brings us to their PSA to students to think again when the urge arises to report a fake threat.

So, why do you think people want to waste police’s time?  With that said, what would be an appropriate punishment for their crime?

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