If you follow the Connecticut State Police on Facebook, you probably saw this happy little post on Tuesday. A cute, little owl had gotten injured and was stuck on the side of the Merritt Parkway, but state troopers from Bethany managed to save the handsome bird before things got any worse, UPI reported.

Animal Control Officers helped at the scene and transported the bird to a rescue and rehabilitation center that will treat the animal, the report added. All good news! And in a week where many Americans have been feeling the post-Election blues, we all needed a feel-good story like this.

Unfortunately, as I was peeling back through the CT Boom archives for similar stories to share with all of you, I saw this story of the Connecticut State Police not only making two bird rescues in a single day in September, but doing it in a much more playful way!

Look at all those puns! The cops were on their game that day in every capacity and it kind of makes this week’s bird rescue feel a little lackluster. No offense to the cops, they did their job to the fullest – we don’t pay them to make punny Facebook posts, we pay them to keep the roads and everyone/everything on the roads safe, including birds.

But this week more than any other, I think we all could have used the extra chuckle. So make note, State Troopers! We appreciate you and everything you do, but you’ve raised the bar and we all expect at least a couple puns now, so please keep it up in the future.

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