After Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy flipped to say he had to “re-examine” his stance on legalizing recreational marijuana, he flopped back to say he didn’t think “that should be taken up in the current or the oncoming session.”

Well, Governor, the state senate either doesn’t know what you said or simply doesn’t care, because they’re going to bring it up anyway.

According to Greenwich Patch, State Senate President Martin Looney has already filed 10 bills for full discussion in the upcoming legislative session, including one that would legalize recreational marijuana with a similar tax model to Colorado’s.

In the end, this bill probably won’t make it. Even if it gets widespread public support, passes the state senate, passes the state house, and makes it to the Governor’s desk (all big if’s), he’s made it pretty clear he’ll veto it.

But what I can appreciate about the effort is that¬†it’s the government’s job to at least look into these ideas. The fact that Malloy had the nerve to tell legislators to not even discuss it is a brazen disregard for what their job means. Their job is to help exercise the will of the people into law and look out for the state’s best interests.

If a majority of people in this state want legalized pot (63%, according to the Patch report) and it would bring in tax revenue the state needs, then the state legislature has an obligation to at least look at the idea.

So kudos, Senator Looney. Even if your bill doesn’t become a law, at least we’ll all know that someone in Hartford is actually doing their job.

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