When Christmas comes around, most of us are just hoping to get some good presents. But in a moment straight out of a Hallmark holiday movie, one Connecticut family got something extra special this holiday season.

Despite a due date of December 29, Itohan Oyabure-Okafur from Hartford went into labor on Christmas Eve, according to NBC Connecticut. She was on her way to a nearby hospital when her newborn decided he didn’t feel like waiting. According to the report, Connecticut State Troopers arrived and helped the deliver the baby right there on the side of Route 2.

The baby’s name? Ebeneezer.

Honestly, if this isn’t the perfect holiday story, then what is? While the rest of us unwrapped our presents, this family got a baby boy and our local state troopers helped bring life into the world. It really is something you’d only expect to see in a movie.

The only downside is that the kid is going to spend his whole life getting short-changed on birthday presents.

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