You know what’s fun about Connecticut? Knowing that even when you see a list advertised as “Best Something or Other,” you immediately fear that, for your state, it’s actually going to be a “Worst Something or Other” list.

For the second year in a row, that fear was realized in the realm of summer travel. Here’s what happened early last June right here on CT Boom:

While you’re having fun at the beaches in Connecticut this summer, you might surprised to find that everyone is laughing at you.

No, it’s not because your bathing suit doesn’t fit quite right – it’s because you’re the sucker spending their summer traveling in Connecticut.

If you’re traveling in Connecticut this summer, don’t expect anything different. The annual Wallet Hub “Best Summer Travel Destinations” list has come out, and Connecticut did not do well.

Last place? Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk.

Second-to-last place? New Haven-Milford.

And just for good measure, 15th-to-last place? Hartford.

That’s actually a slight improvement for Hartford, but even still, you’re better off headed to Vegas, which nabbed the top spot this year.

(Via Stamford Advocate)

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