There are many days Connecticut residents question whether the leadership around them has the right priorities. We’re one of the worst states for taxes, our governor has troublingly low approval rates, and residents are fleeing the state.

But today is not one of those days. Today is a day when all of my doubts are washed away and I have received full confirmation that my priorities are aligned with at least one local government.

What was that confirmation, you ask? Norwalk is replacing a Barnes & Noble with a liquor store.

According to The Hour, the liquor store is rumored to be taking over the former Barnes & Noble location at 360 Connecticut Avenue after the book store let its lease expire in January.

Now, this might not be a popular opinion, but I don’t really read books. They’re long, they’re not always worth it, and frankly, it seems like too much of a time investment when there are other, more interesting things I could be doing. Books are no good.

Booze on the other hand, booze is almost always good. You know what you’re getting, you can try lots of different kinds and never feel like you’re missing out on something else, and booze is usually a good sign that you’re at a party or partaking in a party-like situation. No downside.

So yeah, I’m pretty happy about this. I realize, of course, that my happiness doesn’t come without a cost. I’m sure there are plenty of Barnes & Noble fans out there lamenting the loss of their local former-trees-with-text-on-them seller, and that’s understandable.

Deep down, they know they’re only upset because all of this could have been avoided if only Barnes & Noble had been smart and put a bar in their book store.

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