Slowly but surely, plastic bags are become outlawed. Throughout Connecticut many towns, and even grocery stores are passing ordinances to ban plastic bags and other single use plastics.

According to an article in the Hartford Courant entitled One Billion Plastic Bags Are Used In Connecticut Each Year, Towns Across The State Are Hoping to Change That, banning plastic bags on a statewide level hasn’t gone too far in legislation.

With that being said, there are quite a few benefits to banning plastic bags. The article says that the push comes from the desire to avoid many bags going into Long Island Sound.

However, that doesn’t stop towns from banning it on a local level.¬†Currently, a few towns across the state have already banned single use plastics. According the article, Westport and Greenwich have already banned plastic bags.

Towns far away from the shoreline will soon be added onto that list. Currently, the Town of Hamden is in the process of passing its’ own plastic bag ban. The ban was proposed during last week’s Legislative Council meeting. If passed, this ordinance would ban retailers from selling or providing plastic bags to customers. However, stores can still provide with recyclable ones.

The bill is expected to pass at their next Legislative Council meeting on February 4th. If passed, retailers have six months to get into compliance.

Towns aren’t the only ones enacting a ban on plastic bags. Big Y is expected to also ban plastic bags in 2020 in all 30 Connecticut stores. According to an article on the CT Post entitled Big Y Plans Plastic Bag Ban, to “ensure a smooth transition,” Big Y will offer discounts on recyclable bags throughout 2019.

So, better take advantage of those details before these bans take place.

And, while there is no ban on a national level, many cities across the U.S. have already banned bags and plastic straws. These cities include Washington D.C., Seattle, and Boston. We will have to wait to see if a law goes through on the statewide level.

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