The election season we just had was divisive, long, and I’m pretty confident in saying that we’re all just a little exhausted from it. I wouldn’t blame a single person for saying they just need a break from politics for at least 6 months.

Sadly, the children don’t get a choice. Once they walk through the doors of their school, they’re in someone else’s hands. And if that person wants them to learn about politics, then so be it.

That’s what is happening in Connecticut, according to FOX 61. As part of a renewed focus on civics, kids are learning about their rights and responsibilities as citizens, including getting the chance to vote for a 5th grader as the state’s new Kid Governor.

If you’ll remember last year, a girl from East Hartford won the Kid Governor race running on a platform of kindness. If 2016’s political rhetoric was any indication, she didn’t get a whole lot done.

But it’s a new year and there is new leadership on the horizon! According to the report, the winner of the 2016 Kid Governor race will be announced next week. Which means that in about a week, we’ll all have to admit that our kids are more mature when it comes to politics than we could ever dream of being.

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