UPDATE 3:04pm:  A representative for Rep. Belsito says the bill is in the process of being withdrawn.


Connecticut’s government wants to make sure you spend your retirement years in the state.  Yep, they’re going after your hard-earned pension.

A bill has been filed by Representative Sam Belsito to batter and bruise your hard earned money even more!  The proposed bill wants to apply an additional 30% tax on your state pension if you move out of Connecticut.  Oh, before there’s smack talk about Democrats; this guy’s a Republican.

Basically, Connecticut representatives have realized we have an exodus problem.  Hooray, they have finally seen the light!  Unfortunately, instead of fixing the problems that make us want to leave… they’re gonna hold us hostage.

Yep.  They even own up to it!!  The bill’s purpose is “to incentivize individuals receiving a state pension to remain in the state.”

So, this bill has been chilling with the Joint Committee on Finance, Revenue, and Bonding since January 5th.  It might not be a bad idea to call your representative in the meantime.  You can also go HERE to see where else you can voice your opinions.

So, yeah, I guess this is a thing now.  Good to know that wherever we go, we get to take Connecticut’s awful taxes with us.

Thanks for finding yet a new way to disappoint us, Connecticut.



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