The annual US News and World Report rankings of colleges came out today and Connecticut institutions of higher learning are all over the list. The one big takeaway we learned was, “Holy Hell, College is real expensive”. 

Your highest ranking Connecticut school was, you guessed it, Yale. Coming it at a strong number 3 behind Princeton and Harvard, Yale will only cost you 47 thousand dollars a year and that’s without eating once a Shake Shack.

UConn was tied for #57th which is a nice rank for a state school and will cost you a mere 35 thousand without going to the Dairy Barn one time.

Other notables are Connecticut College at #48 for Liberal Arts Schools. If you are confused what this means, it means poets and hippies. 

Most of the Connecticut schools placed in the Regional Universities North rank. A Regional University is smaller and has far less degrees than a national plus very few , if any, doctorate programs.  Fairfield at 6, Quinnipiac at #11, University of Hartford and New Haven (tied at 92)  Southern at #125. The leader of that pack was Villanova out of PA.  Please note many of our schools were beat by the University of Scranton. I feel we should do better next time.

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