The snowstorm this week was a doozy. Most places in Connecticut saw snowfall totals in the double digits. Many places got over a foot of powder. It was a lot of snow.

If you’re anything like me, you were fully prepared to grumble about the snow. It turned the roads into a complete mess. It meant shoveling the front walk, the driveway, a path for the dog in the backyard, and the deck. And of course the plows didn’t make that task any easier, piling up a waist-high heap of ice, salt, dirt, and snow at the end of the driveway.

All of those complaints still carry some validity, but none of us should feel good about voicing them. We should feel like cry babies because as the snow piled high on Thursday morning, one Connecticut family had to deal with all the usual snow-related nonsense and the fact that they were about to have a blizzard baby.

According to WTNH, the Rodriguez family in New Haven had already been to Yale New Haven Hospital twice. Widalys, the mom-to-be, simply wasn’t ready to deliver on the first two visits. The third time was the charm, but it came at around 8 a.m., after snow had already been accumulating for a few hours.

So they shoveled out, got in the car (where her water broke), and made it to the hospital. 44 minutes after arriving, their little girl arrived.

Mom and new daughter are both happy and healthy, but someone should really give them a medal. Having a baby is hard. Dealing with a blizzard is hard. Having a baby while dealing with a blizzard? That’s a whole other level of nonsense that I’m fairly sure none of us would ever want to deal with. So go ahead and pick up that shovel without any more complaints. At least you’re not pushing out a human at the same time.

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