We’ve all heard a bad first date story before. The blind date who wasn’t what you thought they were. The Tinder profile full of lies. The date who just wouldn’t stop talking or who would only order off of the children’s menu. All very bad situations.

But in the annals of bad first dates, one of our fellow Nutmeggers just secured an uncontested claim on the title of Worst of All Time. Here’s how she did it.

According to NBC Connecticut, 27-year-old New Haven resident Katherin Stonick went on a first date back in August, had an otherwise uninteresting dinner with a guy, and then accepted his generous offer to pay for dinner. The report says that after he sent his credit card off with the server, she excused herself to the bathroom and secretly asked the manager to charge a $300 gift card to his credit card. The guy didn’t notice, and Stonick treated herself to dinner at the restaurant the next two nights using the gift card.

There is a lot going on here, but the thing that most catches my attention is the manager. What is that dude thinking? No matter what a couple’s relationship looks like at dinner, you need to make an awfully big assumption about how they handle their finances to think it’s ok to charge $300 to somebody’s credit card without that person’s explicit permission. Hell, even some married couples aren’t that open about their spending.

I get that the woman is being charged with the crime here, and deservedly so, but if I’m the victim in this case, I’m heading right back to that restaurant and getting myself both a full refund and a full meal on the house.

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