For months now, I have written story after story about the now-infamous Connecticut Man, an umbrella term used for any male subject of a news story with an absolutely insane headline.

Today, we acknowledge that we were not looking hard enough for insane headlines about Connecticut Man’s better half, Connecticut Woman, and we thank two Connecticut women for creating two super crazy Connecticut Woman stories that caught our eye.

Our first thank you goes out to 27-year-old Yorka McKnight, a Connecticut Woman that, according to WTNH, lost her temper when another woman Liked a “Happy birthday!” post on McKnight’s boyfriend’s Facebook page. And, by ‘lost her temper,’ I of course mean that McKnight took a hammer and smashed up her boyfriend’s truck, cracking the windshield, scratching the passenger side, and shattering one of the windows.

Our second thank you goes out to 48-year-old Laverne Mayo, a Connecticut Woman that, according to FOX61, got into a verbal altercation with her neighbors and decided that a proper way of settling the dispute was spraying the whole lot of them (including some children and at least one pregnant lady) with lighter fluid.

These two women are exemplary examples of what it takes to be a Connecticut Man or Connecticut Woman. All you need is a typical situation, some normal people, and one individual who acts or responds in a manner that is completely misplaced and out of proportion.

Thank you, McKnight and Mayo. You will go down in history as our inaugural Connecticut Woman’s here at CT Boom, and have earned yourselves a place on the Mount Rushmore of Connecticut Woman.

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