Well, she did it.

Almost two months ago, CT Boom wrote about Cassie De Pecol, a 27-year-old woman from Connecticut who was about to break the world record for fastest person to visit every sovereign country in the world. And on February 2, she made her final stop in Yemen.

If you didn’t see our article in December and somehow haven’t heard about De Pecol elsewhere, you’re missing out. And here’s why:

In today’s world, we live our best lives online. Our Facebook profiles, our Instagram photos, our Snapchat Stories – they are all performances. We take the best moments from our leaves, discard all the boring and normal ones, post them publicly, and wait for the internet points to pour in. Meanwhile, the backside of that performance is feeling absolutely awful about ourselves in those boring and normal moments we hide from the world.

While we sit on the couch in sweatpants and binge watch the latest Netflix series, it seems like all of our social media connections are exclusively traveling abroad, eating the finest foods, and partying with friends like they’re on a limitless budget. We look at their pictures, look down at our ice-cream-stained t-shirt from college, and feel a little guilty that we’re not out there living.

But De Pecol did the one thing we wish we all could do: She took the boring and normal moments in live and discarded them for real. She didn’t just hide them from her internet friends, she catapulted them into space and never looked back. She took a crazy dream filled with meaning and exciting moments, worked hard, and made it a reality.

And unlike most of us, where social media is a performance space, De Pecol actually shows her life online and it’s still miles and miles better than anything you or your friends are posting or doing with your lives. She traveled the world, saw awe-inspiring sights, met people who defied her expectations and expanded horizons, ate every kind of food the world has to offer, and she did it all for a good cause (not for internet points).

So I said it two months ago when CT Boom posted about her last, but it bears repeating here: De Pecol might be the genuinely most impressive person Connecticut has ever sent out into the world. And as such, you should experience her story and her journey. And maybe you should stop comparing yourself to your friends and start making your real life as exciting as your online one – even if what excites you is finishing all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad in one week.

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