The title of Connecticut man knows no gender, because once again, the umbrella term has been claimed by another woman. This story is a wild ride from start to finish.

A woman that held up the Dunkin’ Donuts in Willimantic at gunpoint early Thursday morning probably felt too confident about her chances of evading police.  And she probably would have gotten away with it too, had she chosen a less environmentally-friendly means of escape.

Once the dough was handed over, she daintily perched on the back of a bicycle and the operator beat tracks at a pace no greater than 20 mph.

Unfortunately for her, while bikes may have the luxury of weaving around traffic and having their own designated lane on major roadways, they are no match for police cruisers.   So, she did what any logical thief would do when the blue and red lights went on.  Hide.

Newstimes reports that a K-9 search of the area yielded a fake gun and the driver.  The sweep also found the robber, who was nestled safely between candy wrappers and banana peels in a garbage can.  Maybe she hoped that dousing herself in a veritable feast of compost would throw the dogs off her scent?

The woman, Kiara Wilson, is being held on $150,000 bail while her chauffeur, Daniel Henderson, has bail set at $100,000.

They are due back in court later today.  We can only hope Kiara will be thoroughly scrubbed down before facing the judge.  No word about her pride or if it is still intact.


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