With state after state across the country coming around to the idea of legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana, it’s only a time until Connecticut gets swept up in the tide.

But until then, all the pot activists have to keep doing their part. So this May, New Milford will get a strong toke of marijuana activism thanks to the 4th Annual Marijuana March.

Backed by HempCT, the march’s Facebook event vows to make this a “weekend/camping experience,” which probably means New Milfordians should buckle their seat belts for a wild ride.

The weekend will boast several speakers, a few bands, 78 actual attendants based on the event’s Facebook page as of this writing, and probably more than a few arrest-worthy drug offenses.

But when it comes to this kind of thing, it’s best to let it all slide, man. These are mostly peaceful people and there’s no need to cuff them or throw them in the slammer. Just let them have their camping weekend, smoke their joints, listen to music, and think they’re making a difference.

And if you can’t let all of that slide, just be glad they botched this whole thing and scheduled it for a weekend¬†other than April 20th.

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