Well, we’ve made it this far. It’s January 19th and we have barely seen a snowflake in the backyard. Christmas was downright summery. And with Spring’s official start date just two months out, each day without a storm brings us closer and closer to the snow-less winter we all deserve after last year.

Sadly, it seems we’ll be seeing some snow this winter. According to a forecast from NBC Connecticut, this weekend could bring New England’s first major snowstorm of the season.

But guess what? The emphasis up there happens to be on the word “could.”

As it turns out, this storm is going to go one of two ways: Either right into the heart of Connecticut, bringing strong winds and at least a few inches of snow or through the middle of the East Coast, south of Connecticut, and out to sea without much more than grazing us.

I’m pretty sure I know what we’re all rooting for here, and forecasters aren’t feeling confidence enough to make a call yet (because of course they aren’t), but we should all still prepare for the worst. If there’s anything I learned from last year, it’s that winter is merciless and has no sense of fairness. So what if it piled on the snow last year? It’s still going to hit just as hard the next time around.

So prepare your shovels and call your plow guy. While it’s not definite yet, it’s looking like we’re all going to need to break out the winter gear over the weekend.

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