With temperatures bouncing back and forth between 80 and 60 over the past few days, who knows what’s going on with the weather! But I noticed this morning that my normally white car had a distinctive yellow hue to the hood and that means allergies are starting to take a hold of us. Just take a walk around your office – notice that people are sneezing more and more? And this year, Connecticut’s major cities are hotbeds for allergies, and especially hard for people living with asthma.

According to a new report by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, things have gotten worse for New Haven, moving up from #12 last year to one spot away from the top ten Asthma capitals at #11! Bridgeport has it bad too – up to #28 from #33 in 2013. Hartford actually did a little bit better – the capital went down two spots from #37 to #39. Regardless, all three major metro areas in Connecticut are among the top 50 “asthma capitals” in America.

It could be worse though – we could be Richmond.

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